Toronto House Painting

Professional House Painting Service


Residential Painting Services for All Your Needs:

Color is the easiest and most efficient way to change and customize your living space. Give any area of your house, including the old interiors and exteriors, a fresh coat of paint. At Gold Painters, we’ve always made a promise of certainty to our clients: you’ll always have a worry-free experience with us from beginning to end.

Painting Your House Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Our house painting service handles everything, whether you need to freshen up an inside space or want to rebuild your exterior space entirely. Your home will be a haven for years to come thanks to our skilled painters who value your time and money while offering a priceless experience. You won’t have to worry about moving your entire house around only to get your space renovated because we can paint your living area in just a few days. We are the best option if you need timely professional painting!

Residential Painting Services of the Highest Quality: Painting Your Future Bright!

Confined to your outdated home? Renovating it with a new coat of paint is the solution! A modern paint job transforms your house.

  1. Your home is fully transformed, seeming brand new!
  2. It protects against weather damage caused by water and sun.
  3. It boosts the aesthetic value.

Always Hire The Pros!

But painting is more difficult than it seems. Every home requires a different kind of renovation; some merely require outside painting, some require deck staining, and still others require an extensive interior restoration. Here’s where our qualified experts can help! Before we begin painting, we thoroughly evaluate your living area to determine its current condition. Then, with a solution tailored precisely to each client’s demands, we create a unique proposal for each one of them.

Bringing Innovation To The Surface With Our Services!

We provide personalised residential painting services for each client. We provide a mix and match service selection because of this.

Interior House Painting: Utilize our interior painting services to give your Toronto home’s interior a fresh look! Everything is covered, from cleaning up the kitchen to giving your bedroom a new coat of paint!

Exterior House Painting: It makes no sense to have bright interiors and dull exteriors. With the help of our exterior house painting services, you may entice guests inside with a welcoming presentation!

Wallpaper Removal: Don’t waste your weekends trying to remove the wallpaper! As part of the preparation we undertake before to inside home painting, let our skilled team take care of that for you.

Drywall Repair & Preparation: At Gold Painters, we have years of experience replacing or repairing drywall and restoring interior surfaces with new paint or wallpaper. We can assist you with everything from patching and sanding to priming your drywall.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: If you’re tired of the dated popcorn ceiling in your home, we’ll remove it for you to leave a smooth surface behind!

Cabinet Painting& Refinishing: Cabinet refinishing delivers the same results as a kitchen remodel, but without breaking your bank! Renew your damaged kitchen within just a couple of days!

Deck & Fence Painting: Summer can be quite cruel to your deck — the best place to spend summertime on! You don’t have to worry because our deck painting services protect it against weather damage while making it look classy! Having a well-maintained fence also makes your house look elegant. Our experts cover that as well!

Pressure Washing: Our professional pressure washing service is perfect to remove dirt, mould, or grime from old surfaces.

Colour Consultation: Choosing a colour for paint can be daunting, but we’re here to help! We’ll walk you through the different colour schemes and palettes to let you decide which colour would be perfect for your home.

Full-Service Residential Painting Company: Want a service that’s catered specifically to your needs? Book an appointment with us and we’ll give you a call to discuss what’s best for you.